What is a Pre-Engineered Building System?

A pre-engineered building is custom designed through a building designer, or architect in conjunction with the customer. 


The design is then sent to the manufacture where it is cut and prepared for shipping to the site ready to be installed.   PEBs offer customized and unique designs in less time and, often at a better value than a typical conventional construction facility.

  • They are economical – pre-engineered and cut at the manufacturer creates a saving on labor costs to erect.

  • Shorter Installation time – using a crew that specializes in these projects can assure that the building of a facility will be much faster and more efficient.

  • Customized for design - Customers can choose a multitude of styles, materials, and even the accessories.  These are NOT cookie cutter buildings.

  • Long lasting structures - each building is specifically designed to account for geographic location, purpose, weather, loads, and permitting, to name a few.

PEB’s match their appearance as

well as they perform!

Whether structural Insulated Panels on a residential home, or a pre-engineered metal building, the idea is the same - a custom designed building, manufactured offsite, and delivered as a complete package.

Buffalo Craftsmen will use our expertise in erecting your building as spec'd out to to the design.

Roofer builder worker with crane installing structural Insulated Panels SIP. Building new
Pre-Engineered Metal Building construction.jpg