Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

A building system engineered for the location it will be built on and custom fabricated for the intended use. Major connections that would normally require on-site welding and voids for doors, windows, and other components have been pre-punched prior to delivery. 


When someone says they are getting a pre-engineered metal building, what they really mean is that they’ve worked with a design firm to custom design a building, and all its components, including roof and wall panels.   They are then manufactured at a factory and then sent to a construction site to be assembled on site.


In other words, it means everything is built off-site in a factory before being delivered to your job site. 


Pre-engineered metal buildings are a great alternative to conventional buildings. They are constructed with a steel frame system that supports a metal roof and wall panels.  They are pre-designed to adhere to precise dimensions.  These dimensions are specific to the needs of the building owner, but other factors, such as area-specific building codes, potential load problems, and environmental considerations may lead to the need for a very custom design.   


Benefits of Pre-Engineered Buildings are cost, speed of construction, design versatility , structural integrity, and cost efficiency.   They are tightly sealed, require less insulation than standard buildings, and can be designed with roofing to deflect the sun’s harsh rays.


Considerations such as wind, slope of the roof, loads, bay spacing are no problem for these engineered buildings.   Computer-aided design programs have allowed the construction to be more advanced that a conventional build. 


Buffalo Craftsmen is very well versed in all aspects of PEMBs and is very adept and customizing the building to suit personal taste, as well as unforeseen variations in build on-site.   


Common uses for a Pre-Engineered Metal Building (to name just a few):


Commercial - large and small projects

Government - fire stations, public works buildings, etc.

Pre-Engineered Metal Building construction.jpg