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Buffalo Craftsmen, is a fully insured, specialty sub-contractor, with main focus on the erection of Pre-Engineered Building Systems (PEB) for commercial and residential use. 

We specialize in the erection of pre-engineered building systems –

  • PEMB – Pre-engineered Metal Buildings - commercial

  • IMP – Insulated Metal Panels - industrial

  • SIPs – Structural Insulated Panels - residential & light commercial

At Buffalo Craftsmen, we are an integral part of the whole process. We partner with general contractors, manufacturers, and custom-building designers we bring to the table a wealth of practical “boots on the ground” knowledge.  We pride ourselves on our ability to erect any type of pre-engineered buildings, from any building manufacturer.   Whether large or small, complex, or simple, we can erect your high quality structures that are ready for interior finishing. 

We enjoy providing high- performance building systems that are complex in design, yet simple in experience.



The expertise of Buffalo Craftsmen includes the erection of pre-engineered buildings for commercial, industrial, warehousing, and agricultural markets. Our competent labor force have made us a successful company with a focus on quality, attention to safety, and the ability to complete your project on schedule. 

Our headquarters are in Salt Lake City, Utah, and our focus is in the western states, however, our crew is highly trained, and experienced building assemblers dedicated to the highest level of quality.  (And they have their bags packed and ready to go just about anywhere!)

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Pre-Engineered Metal Building constructi

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB)

A building system engineered for the location it will be built and custom fabricated for the intended use. Major connections that would normally require on-site welding and voids for doors, windows, and other components have been pre-punched prior to delivery. 


Insulated Metal Panels (IMPS)

IMPS, are pre-manufactured "perfect wall" and are becoming more prominent in today's construction market. In the most basic terms, IMPS are comprised of rigid insulation that is bound between two metal facings. 

Assembling a small house of SIP panels.j

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS)

High performance building system for residential and commercial construction. The panels consist of an insulating foam core sandwiched between two structural facings, typically oriented strand board (OSB). Building with SIPS will save time, money, and labor. 


ABOUT Buffalo Craftsmen, LLC

Buffalo Craftsmen has been working hard to exceed customer needs in the construction business. Today, we work primarily on commercial projects spread throughout the State of Utah and the country.

As a past project manager for a company that sells metal buildings, and with a rich history in the construction industry, the owner of Buffalo Craftsmen, Patrick Grugel saw a need within the industry for qualified metal building erectors.   Buffalo Craftsmen was born of that thought, and now we are a strong crew of experienced metal building erectors. 

Our main focus is on helping customers to see the benefit of metal buildings, and to help drive them to the most informed, efficient, and cost conscious decisions.

Our expert crew is travel-ready for projects in SLC, Utah, and the US!   Whatever the project, large or small, Buffalo Craftsmen is the company you can certainly count on to get the job done!






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